Printing Giftcard Emails

To print your giftcard email in order to gift it, you should remember to include 'background graphics' to make it look as intended!

Printing an email with background graphics can vary depending on the operating system, browser, and email client you are using. Here are instructions for some of the most common combinations:


  1. Apple Mail in Safari:

    • Open the email in Apple Mail.
    • Go to 'File' > 'Print'.
    • Click on 'Show Details' and make sure the 'Print backgrounds' option is checked.

  2. Gmail in Chrome:

    • Similar to Windows, ensure 'Background graphics' is checked in the Chrome print dialog.

  3. Outlook in Safari:

    • Open the email in Outlook.
    • Click 'File' > 'Print'.
    • In the Safari print dialog, check the option for 'Print Backgrounds'.

Windows OS

  1. Microsoft Outlook in Microsoft Edge:

    • Open the email in Outlook.
    • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select 'Print'.
    • In the print settings, ensure that 'Print Background Images and Colors' is enabled.

  2. Gmail in Google Chrome:

    • Open the email in Gmail.
    • Click on the printer icon or press Ctrl + P to open the print dialog.
    • Click on 'More settings' and make sure 'Background graphics' is checked.

  3. Yahoo Mail in Firefox:

    • Open the email in Yahoo Mail.
    • Click the 'More' icon (three dots) and select 'Print'.
    • In the Firefox print dialog, go to 'Options' and ensure 'Print Background (colors & images)' is checked.

Mobile Devices

  • Printing emails with background graphics on mobile devices (iOS, Android) can be more challenging, as mobile browsers and email apps often have limited print settings. It's usually best to open the email on a desktop computer for printing with background graphics.