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Number of People: 1
Package: 2-Runs + 1-Run Ride Along


Combine the thrill of a 1-Run Ride Along with the adrenaline-pumping excitement of a 2-Run Drive for the ultimate racing adventure! Get ready for safety instruction, track orientation, smoky burnouts, heart-pounding launches, and the exhilaration of covering hundreds of feet in just seconds. Insurance is included to provide peace of mind as you push the limits on the track.

🚘 Receive comprehensive safety instruction to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience

🌟 Familiarize yourself with the race track, understanding its unique features and challenges

🔒 Gear up with all the necessary safety equipment for a worry-free adventure

💨 Brace yourself for two exhilarating smoky burnouts and heart-pounding launches that will leave you craving more


When do I choose a date?

After purchase, you can request your preferred dates and times by following the instructions in the email you receive. If it's a gift, the recipient will also get an email with booking instructions.

Select date available

Practical information

What are the age and license requirements for participating in the experience?
All drivers must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver's license.

Do I need to have health insurance?
Yes, you are responsible for your own health insurance coverage.

Who is financially responsible for any damage caused to the car?
You are financially responsible for all damages caused to the car due to driver error or negligence.

Is there any protection plan available for the dragster driving experience?
Yes, there is a Vehicle Protection Plan available for Dragster Driving Experiences. It costs $38.00 and covers you for all damages caused to the vehicle, subject to a $1000 deductible.

Is a Vehicle Protection Plan available for other experiences?
Yes, a Vehicle Protection Plan is also available for the Extreme Drive Experience and Super Comp Licensing. It costs $100.00 and covers you for all damages caused to the vehicle, subject to a $1500 deductible.

When and how are payments for damages made?
All payments for damages must be made at the track at the time of the incident.

How common is damage to the vehicles?
Due to the quality of the training and cars, damage is rare.

What does the experience include?
The experience includes safety instruction, track orientation, safety gear, two long smoky burnouts, two stagings at the tree, and two or three launches down the track, covering a 330 ft. run and an 1/8 mile run.

Is insurance included in the experience?
Yes, insurance is included, which covers you for all damages caused to the vehicle, subject to a $1000 deductible.

Full description

Get ready for an unforgettable experience that combines the best of both worlds: a 1-Run Ride Along and a 2-Run Drive. Strap yourself in and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will leave you with lasting memories.

Your experience begins with comprehensive safety instruction, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the exhilarating ride ahead. You'll receive track orientation to familiarize yourself with the race track, understanding its unique features and challenges. With safety gear in place, you're ready to take on the thrilling journey.

Feel the anticipation building as you indulge in two long smoky burnouts, creating a spectacle that will have you on the edge of your seat. The roaring engines and the scent of burning rubber set the stage for the excitement to come. You'll stage at the tree, feeling the power of the race car beneath you.

Hold on tight as you experience heart-pounding launches down the track. With two or three runs, including a 330 ft. run and an 1/8 mile run, you'll push the limits of speed and exhilaration. The acceleration will leave you breathless as you cover hundreds of feet in just seconds, feeling the sheer power of the race car coursing through your veins.

Insurance is included in the experience, providing coverage for any damages caused to the vehicle, subject to a $1000 deductible. This ensures that you can enjoy the thrill of the track with peace of mind, knowing that you're protected.

Returns, exchanges and cancellation

Unused Experience Vouchers can be returned within 30 days for a full refund to the original purchaser, no questions asked.

If you have any unused Experience Vouchers, you can exchange them for anything else in our marketplace, no matter when. If you choose an experience that's more expensive, you'll need to pay the difference, but if you choose one that costs less, you'll receive a credit towards your next booking.

No refunds are allowed once the experience is booked, but you can reschedule up to 30 days before your experience, for a date within a year of the original booking. To reschedule, contact the experience provider directly. No-shows or rescheduling less than 30 days in advance means losing 1/2 the value of your experience. The one exception is for a documented medical situation which prohibits the customer from participating in the racing experience.

Number of People: 1
Package: 2-Runs + 1-Run Ride Along
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Sarah M.

The adrenaline rush was off the charts from the moment I stepped into the car! Even on the way home, my heart was still pounding with excitement. The entire crew, including the track crew, were total pros. Can't wait to go back!

Christopher H.

I highly recommend starting with the ride along before driving. It gives you a great feel for what to expect. The staff is incredibly nice and goes above and beyond to ensure your comfort and safety. I might just be coming back for a third time soon. Worth every penny if you're an adrenaline junkie. Fantastic staff, amazing experience, definitely going back!

Ava R.

For all drag racing fans, this is an incredible experience. The staff prioritizes your safety and ensures you have a fantastic day. I highly recommend getting the video package, it's definitely worth it.