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Duration: 1 hour


Welcome to the Virtual Yoga Class—an adventure for yogis of all levels! With a wide range of styles and focuses, you'll find the perfect class to suit your mood. Start with the basics or dive right into the energizing No Barre, Barre class—a fusion of ballet-barre, strength training, Pilates, and yoga. Your yoga class pack journey awaits!

🧘‍♂️ Welcome to the Virtual Yoga Class—an adventure for all levels

🌟 Choose from a wide variety of styles and focuses to suit your mood

💪 Energize with No Barre, Barre—a fusion of ballet-barre, strength training, Pilates, and yoga

🧭 Choose the yoga class tailored to your unique needs and desires


When do I choose a date?

After purchase, you can request your preferred dates and times by following the instructions in the email you receive. If it's a gift, the recipient will also get an email with booking instructions.

Offered multiple days a week

Practical information

Any restrictions to participate?

  • Age: All age groups are welcomed

What to expect on the day of the experience?

  • Duration: 1 hour class
  • What’s included: 1 online yoga class; each class is 1 hour
    • Types of classes offered:
      • All Levels Flow
      • No Barre, Barre
      • Power Flow
      • Yin Yoga
      • Yoga Nidra
      • Kundalini
      • Intermediate Yoga
      • Back to Basics Yoga
      • Pre & Postnatal Yoga
      • Slow Flow
      • Gentle Yoga
  • Who will be present: You will have a teacher with you at all times and other guests will be joining in this class as well
  • Spectators: No spectators are allowed, everyone must have a ticket/reservations
  • Photo/ video: You may take your own photos

How to prepare?

  • Weather dependency: This is an indoor experiencea t your home
  • Arrival: Plan to arrive around 10 minutes in advance
  • What to wear: We suggest wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely during the session. For maximum stability and safety, we encourage you to go barefoot on your mat and avoid wearing socks, as they may cause slipping.
  • What to bring:
    • A yoga mat
    • A water bottle

Anything else I should know before going on this experience?

  • Zoom will email a personal link for you at least 4 hours before class. After 4 hours, you'll receive the link instantaneously after registering.
  • If you don't receive the link for class, make sure is added to your contacts to ensure you receive the link.
  • Email the partner if you do NOT receive a link prior to class or need assistance.
  • Please make sure to download Zoom before your first online class. After, set up your yoga space and you're ready to go!

Full description

This Yoga Class drop in class offers you a choice of classes designed to cater to yogis of all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Whether you're looking to start with the fundamentals in Back to Basics or delve into the mystical realm of Kundalini, the choice is yours.

If you're craving a dynamic and full-body workout, jump into the exhilarating No Barre, Barre class—a unique fusion of ballet-barre, strength training, Pilates, and yoga. Get ready to feel the burn and embrace the power of movement.

The beauty of this virtual yoga experience is that you can choose your own adventure. Want to challenge yourself with advanced flows? Go for it! Need a gentle and soothing practice to unwind? No problem! The yoga class pack caters to your ever-changing needs.

Each class offers a distinct style and focus, allowing you to explore and discover the vast world of yoga from the comfort of your own space. So, grab your mat, find your inner namaste, and let the virtual yoga magic unfold!

Returns, exchanges and cancellation

Unused Experience Vouchers can be returned within 30 days for a full refund to the original purchaser, no questions asked.

If you have any unused Experience Vouchers, you can exchange them for anything else in our marketplace, no matter when. If you choose an experience that's more expensive, you'll need to pay the difference, but if you choose one that costs less, you'll receive a credit towards your next booking.

No refunds are allowed once the experience is booked, but you can reschedule up to 24 hours before your experience, for a date within 4 months of the original booking. To reschedule, contact the experience provider directly. No-shows or rescheduling less than 24 hours in advance means losing the value of your experience.

Duration: 1 hour
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Here's what others have to say!



Based on 0 reviews

Ryan P

The Virtual Yoga Class was a revelation in the world of online fitness. The instructor's clear instructions and personalized attention through the screen made it feel like a one-on-one session. The convenience of joining from my living room eliminated the need for commuting and allowed me to prioritize my well-being. The technology seamlessly facilitated the flow of the class, and the interactive nature made me forget I wasn't physically present in the studio. I've found a newfound appreciation for the power of virtual connections.

Aria F

Virtual Yoga Class brought yoga right to my doorstep, and I couldn't be happier. The instructor's energy transcended the screen, making it feel like I was part of a live class. I appreciated the variety of classes offered, catering to different levels and styles. The ability to pause and rewind sections allowed me to deepen my understanding of poses. What I loved most was the flexibility it provided – I could practice in my pajamas if I wanted! Virtual yoga is a gem for anyone seeking the benefits of yoga without leaving their comfort zone.

Lily J

Joining the Virtual Yoga Class was a game-changer for my fitness routine. Despite being miles away from the studio, I felt an instant connection with the instructor and the virtual community. The classes were expertly guided, and the camera angles made it easy to follow along and ensure proper alignment. The convenience of practicing at home allowed me to integrate yoga seamlessly into my day. This virtual experience has truly broadened my horizons and deepened my practice.