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Duration: 4 hours


Step off the beaten path and onto the spine-tingling Archer Avenue, known as one of the most haunted roads on Earth. This eerie journey through Chicago's supernatural heartland takes you on an encounter with banshees, werewolves, phantom monks, and the legendary "Resurrection Mary," whose ghostly hands left their mark on a cemetery gate.

👻 Embark on a spine-tingling journey along Archer Avenue, one of the world's most haunted roads

🍻 Sip on a drink at The Irish Legend, formerly O'Henry's Roadhouse, where Al Capone once frequented

🎶 Enjoy a pint at Chet's Melody Lounge, right across from Resurrection Cemetery, a hotspot for encounters with the enigmatic "Resurrection Mary"

🧩 Explore the very locations where these eerie stories unfolded, immersing yourself in the mysterious history of Archer Avenue


When do I choose a date?

After purchase, you can request your preferred dates and times by following the instructions in the email you receive. If it's a gift, the recipient will also get an email with booking instructions.

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Practical information

Any restrictions to participate?

  • Age: Recommended for 12+. If under 18 years old, participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Who can you accommodate for?

  • Children: While tours do not contain anything too graphic or inappropriate, we find that kids that enjoy history have the best time. You know your children best and that's left up to you. We do not recommend bringing children in strollers because sometimes that can be difficult with larger walking groups. All participants must pay to join, children included.
  • Individuals with disabilities: Service animals are welcome, however, the bus is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Pets: Sorry, no pets allowed.


What to expect on the day of the experience?

  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • What’s included: 
    • Expert paranormal guide 
    • Fully-narrated, haunted history bus tour
    • Walking is minimal and includes a pub stop
    • Drinks and food are not included, but will be available for purchase at the haunted pub stops
  • Who will be present: Your expert guide and up to 50 participants.
  • Spectators: No spectators are allowed, everyone must have a ticket.
  • Photo/ video: You may take your own photos.

How to prepare?

  • Weather dependency: Rain or shine, the experience will be running.
  • Arrival: Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the tour.
  • Parking: There is plenty of street parking on Cork Ave, Oak Grove Road or 76th Place across from the Justice Public Library. 
  • What to wear: Comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for weather conditions.
  • What to bring: 
    • Camera, bottle of water, and ID
    • Feel free to bring your ghost hunting equipment, but please don't distract the group from the guide's stories.
  • Gratuity: Gratuity for your guide is greatly appreciated if you enjoy the tour. $10 per person is suggested.
  • Restrooms: Restrooms are available on the bus or at the pub stop.

Full description

Explore the mystical and mysterious side of this ancient Indian trail turned spectral hotspot.

Sample Itinerary:

  • Archer Woods Cemetery: Who is the "Weeping Lady of Archer Woods Cemetery"? Some hear a woman crying and some see a strange mist in this cemetery.
  • Sacred Heart Cemetery: Who is the "Grey Haired Baby" that is rumored to haunt the woods near the cemetery? Is it a feral man running about or something weirder, like a werewolf?
  • St. James at Sag Bridge Cemetery: Even the Chicago Tribune talked about the "phantom manifestations" at this location to make it one of the city's most haunted sites. Known as "Monk's Castle" to the locals, learn about the ghost stories, but also the history which traces back to Father Marquette visiting the site all the way back in 1673.
  • Maple Lake: Maple Lake is known for will-o’-the-wisps, mysterious lights that dance above the water. Original Chicago tour guide Richard Crowe even told a story of two Chicago police officers that came on a tour, saw the strange red light, and were so freaked out they prepared to shoot their service revolvers at it until he talked them down!
  • Fairmount Hills Cemetery: What is that mysterious music coming from the clock tower of this cemetery? What else is coming from beyond the grave?
  • Willowbrook Ballroom Site: The famous Willowbrook Ballroom was the spot that many of Resurrection Mary's dance partners would be shaking a leg with her all night, only to drive her back to discover her missing when they pass the cemetery later on. While the ballroom itself burnt down in 2016, who knows what ghostly energies still inhabit this site of parties and banquets for eight decades.
  • Chet's Melody Lounge: At Chet's, Resurrection Mary is a fact of life, as real as the beer in your glass. It's the place where many of the men who drove Mary home, only to have her disappear in their car or to get out at the cemetery and run inside, immediately came to report their sighting.
  • The Irish Legend: Gangsters, girls, ghosts, and Irish beer? Sounds like the perfect combination to us!
  • Resurrection Cemetery: See the cemetery gates where Mary is said to disappear, along with the pried open bars exactly at the spot where a driver saw a young woman standing and trying to escape.

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Duration: 4 hours
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Benjamin S.

This ghost walk was a thrilling experience filled with ghostly tales and unexpected surprises. The guide's animated storytelling made the haunted history come alive, and the carefully chosen route added to the eerie atmosphere. A night of ghostly goosebumps and unforgettable memories!

Henry M.

The ghost walk was an elegantly eerie exploration of the city's haunted past. The guide's eloquent narration transported us to another realm, and the dimly lit streets added a touch of mystique. A hauntingly beautiful experience for those who appreciate the finer side of ghostly tales.

Chloe H.

This ghost walk was a night of pure intrigue! The guide's ability to weave together historical facts and ghostly legends kept us engaged throughout. The eerie ambiance of the dimly lit streets added an extra layer of suspense, making every story more haunting than the last.