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Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Explore the supernatural side of the University of Wisconsin campus with the Madison UW Campus Ghost Tour. Discover chilling tales of campus spirits, mysterious legends, and real paranormal encounters.

👻 Hear the chilling story of Samuel Segal, a timpanist who passed away onstage at the Wisconsin Union Theater in 1950. Discover if he returns to revisit his final concert

🏛️ Uncover the truth behind the haunting stories and the existence of a mysterious "cadaver chute" at Science Hall

🧐 Investigate the identity of the person buried beneath the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the pinnacle of Bascom Hill—a hidden and inconspicuous grave

😄 Your guides are as passionate about the paranormal as you are and are well-versed in the unbelievable events, history, and legends that abound on the University of Wisconsin campus


When do I choose a date?

After purchase, you can request your preferred dates and times by following the instructions in the email you receive. If it's a gift, the recipient will also get an email with booking instructions.

Two Sunday evenings a month

Practical information

Any restrictions to participate?

  • Age: Recommended for 12+. If under 18 years old, participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Who can you accommodate for?

  • Children: While tours do not contain anything too graphic or inappropriate, we find that kids that enjoy history have the best time. You know your children best and that's left up to you. We do not recommend bringing children in strollers because sometimes that can be difficult with larger walking groups. All participants must pay to join, children included.
  • Pets: Sorry, no pets allowed. 
  • Individuals with disabilities: The tour route is wheelchair-accessible and service animals are welcome. If anyone in your group will be using a wheelchair please make a note at the time of booking.

What to expect on the day of the experience?

  • Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • What’s included: Fully narrated, expert paranormal walking tour.
  • Who will be present: Your expert guide and up to 30 participants.
  • Spectators: No spectators are allowed, everyone must have a ticket.
  • Photo/ video: You may take your own photos.

How to prepare?

  • Weather dependency: Rain or shine, the experience will be running.
  • Arrival: Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the tour.
  • Parking: Sometimes street parking is available, but it is recommended to park at the Lake Street Ramp as it's closest to the start and finish. 
  • What to wear: Comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for weather conditions.
  • What to bring: Camera and bottle of water
  • Gratuity: Gratuity for your guide is greatly appreciated if you enjoy the tour. $3-$5 per person is suggested.
  • Restrooms: It is recommended to use the restroom prior to the tour.

Full description

Unearth the hidden mysteries and spectral secrets of the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison on the Madison UW Campus Ghost Tour. This captivating tour takes you on a journey through the hallowed halls and historic landmarks of the university, where you'll uncover a world of ghostly apparitions, enigmatic legends, and spine-tingling paranormal experiences.

Sample Itinerary:

  • Memorial Union: This lakefront landmark has been a favorite of students and alumni for decades. Built in 1931, why do people seem to see a woman dressed in Nineteenth Century clothing on the staircases?
  • Wisconsin Union Theater: Actors and stagehands here have several haunted stories about this theater and why is there a lamp that's always on that they call it a "ghost light"?
  • Science Hall: The University's most reportedly haunted building. From mad scientists in the attic to ghosts of victims hung from the rafters, Science Hall has its share of campus superstitions. 
  • Radio Hall: The original home of one of America's oldest radio stations, WHA, whose first broadcast dates to 1919. Who are the announcers that never left the airwaves? 
  • North Hall: The first building at the University of Wisconsin was also the dormitory home of John Muir, the founder of the Sierra Club. But in this historic building, we have ghost stories from the 1880s as well as the 1980s...
  • Abraham Lincoln's Statue: Madison's most unusual gravesite has sat under Honest Abe's watchful eye for over a century. Who is buried on Bascom Hill?
  • Sterling Hall: From a tragic act of terrorism during the Vietnam protests to the dumping ground of a murder, Sterling Hall has its share of sad stories and haunted energy.
  • Music Hall: UW-Madison's first music school was the original auditorium that could house the university in 1880, all 481 of its students. Former professors have talked about the weird things they've seen wandering the halls. 
  • Humanities Building: One of UW's newer buildings also has some of its weirdest urban legends. Is it really riot-proof? What happened to the original architect. Don't worry, we'll have the real story.
  • Vilas Hall: Meet Orv, the printer of one of the University's two student newspapers. According to the Daily Cardinal's former staff, Orv is still sneaking beers from beyond the grave.
  • Memorial Library: What beloved University of Wisconsin librarian can still be seen walking "The Stacks"?

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Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
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Samuel Q.

Ghostly Magic in Every Step! This ghost tour was pure magic. The guide's ability to create an enchanting atmosphere made the ghost stories come alive. The tour's route showcased a diverse range of haunted locations, each with its own eerie charm. An enchanting evening that left us spellbound by the city's ghostly secrets.

Abigail N.

Ghostly Goosebumps Galore! The ghost tour was an absolute delight for thrill-seekers. The guide's animated storytelling created an immersive experience, and the haunted sites were carefully chosen to provide maximum chills. A night filled with ghostly encounters and a touch of history — what more could you ask for?

Scarlett L.

Eerie Elegance! The ghost tour was a hauntingly beautiful experience. The guide's eloquent narration and theatrical flair added a touch of elegance to the spooky tales. The atmospheric locations and well-planned route made it a memorable night filled with goosebumps and ghostly wonders.