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Unleash your inner poet and learn the art of creating limericks, haikus, and other forms of poetry with this fun online course. With 12 modules, 40 exercises, and lifetime access, you can learn at your own pace and turn your passion for writing into beautifully crafted verses.

πŸ“š Access to 12 modules and 40 exercises

πŸ–‹οΈ Step-by-step tutorials on various poetry forms and techniques

πŸ“ 290 poetry prompts and an insider's list of 200 beautiful words for inspiration

πŸ“– Tips on editing and critiquing your own work and successfully submitting your writing for publication


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Practical information

Can I really learn how to write poetry with this course?
Yes! This course is designed to break down all the components of poetry across a wide range of styles, making it the most comprehensive and easiest-to-follow poetry course available. Even if you haven't written or read a poem since high school, by module two, you'll be writing poems that are worthy of sharing. And by module twelve, you'll have more knowledge than 99% of poets!

Who is this poetry writing course suitable for?
This course is designed for complete beginners to poetry, but even keen amateurs will be introduced to new techniques and learn ways to refine and perfect their poetry.

Will this course teach me how to write poetry for children?
Yes! The Write Poetry course covers how to write poetry for children and young adults, in addition to the 'grown up' side of poetry.

Can I use this course to teach others how to write poetry?
Yes! Teachers and parents will find this course especially useful, as it is designed to take a fairly complex and dry subject and make it interesting and easy to learn through simple step-by-step instructions, clear examples, and plenty of worksheets and exercises.

Will I learn how to read and comprehend poetry as well as write it?
Yes! Reading and comprehending poetry can be a painstaking experience for the uninitiated, but with every module of the Write Poetry course, your technical knowledge will increase, your interpretative skills will improve, and your appreciation and enjoyment of poetry will deepen.

Do I have to do the poetry exercises in the course?
No, each exercise and worksheet is optional and there only to support your learning. However, if you actively participate by completing the exercises and worksheets, then you will reap the full benefit of the course and gain mastery much sooner. Remember, you have lifetime access so you can work through the course and exercises at your own pace.

Full description

If you've always wanted to explore the world of poetry, this online course is the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and become a skilled poet. With 12 modules and 40 exercises designed by writers, editors, and award-winning professionals, you'll learn the language of poetry, rhythm and rhyme, free verse poetry, and much more. From light-hearted limericks to powerful performance pieces, this course offers a range of creative and artistic lessons that also provide practical, real-world help. You'll receive lifetime access to the course, allowing you to complete it anywhere and anytime!

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Number of People: 1
Duration: 5 hours
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Linda M

I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning about poetry and the course exceeded my expectations. From start to finish, the course offers engaging content that will keep you entertained while you learn.

Bailey T

With a focus on the procedure of writing and getting published, this course is perfect for anyone looking to improve their writing skills. Trust me, it's a great course!

Anna W

Looking for a comprehensive study of poetry? Look no further than the Write Academy Poetry course! With an intensive and in-depth approach, this course is perfect for aspiring poets. Plus, with the user-friendly professional platform, Write Academy makes learning a breeze.

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