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Join us for an epic San Francisco City Tour with Alcatraz! Cruise through iconic neighborhoods, snap pics of the Golden Gate Bridge, and immerse yourself in the city's rich history. Then, set sail to Alcatraz Island for a spine-chilling prison tour. Get ready for a day of adventure and discovery!

🌉 Photograph the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and breathtaking Land's End while overlooking Sutro Baths and the Pacific Ocean coastline

🌆 Explore diverse neighborhoods like Haight-Ashbury, Castro, Nob Hill, and Chinatown, and discover the hidden gems of San Francisco

⛴️ Sail to Alcatraz Island and embark on a spine-chilling prison tour

🎧 Enjoy guided tour narration in English while audio options in multiple languages bring the stories of Alcatraz to life


When do I choose a date?

After purchase, you can request your preferred dates and times by following the instructions in the email you receive. If it's a gift, the recipient will also get an email with booking instructions.

Friday-Sunday 8:30am
Friday and Sunday 8:30am

Practical information

What's on the itinerary for the city tour?
Get ready to check off some serious bucket list items: Ferry Building, Marina District, Palace of Fine Arts, Presidio, Golden Gate Park, Haight-Ashbury, Fisherman’s Wharf, Land’s End, Cliff House, Castro District, Chinatown, Union Square, Lombard Street, North Beach, and, of course—Golden Gate Bridge! We've got you covered from all angles, no corner of the city left unexplored.

Is the Alcatraz tour guided?
While the tours are operated by the National Park Service, you'll enjoy an audio guide available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. So you can dive into the stories of this infamous prison in your preferred language.

What's the dress code?
San Francisco can be a bit moody when it comes to weather, so it's time to play it smart. Layer up! You'll want to be prepared for chilly mornings and potentially warmer afternoons. And don't forget to bring comfortable walking shoes or sandals.

Do I need to bring ID?
You must present valid government-issued photo identification to pick up your tickets at Alcatraz Pier 33. A photocopy of a passport suffices as valid photo identification.

What should I bring?
Besides your ID, bring along a light water-resistant jacket (San Francisco weather loves surprises), your camera or phone (pics or it didn't happen), a water bottle, some sunscreen, an umbrella, and last but not least, a credit card or cash for those souvenir splurges and snack attacks.

How much time will I spend on Alcatraz Island?
Time is in your hands, my friend! Ferries to San Francisco leave the island every 20 minutes, giving you the freedom to decide how long you want to explore Alcatraz. Most folks find that around 2 hours is enough to soak up the prison's history and complete the tour. Oh, and just to set expectations, the ferry ride between Alcatraz Island and San Francisco takes about 15 minutes.

Is Alcatraz accessible for people with disabilities?
Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing is fully accessible. Many areas on Alcatraz Island are also accessible with the help of the S.E.A.T. (Sustainable Easy Access Transport) Tram. So everyone can join in on the adventure!

Why book the combo tour instead of separate tickets?
Our combo tour is all about convenience and seamless experiences. We pick you up right from your hotel and whisk you away to Pier 33, where the Alcatraz ferry awaits. It's a stress-free day where everything is taken care of. Plus, our special contract with the National Park Service gives us access to Alcatraz tickets only as part of a tour package.

Will meals be provided?/ Can I bring my own snacks?
Meals are not included on this adventure. But don't fret! Fisherman's Wharf has multiple food options where you can satisfy those hunger pangs and grab some tasty lunch or snacks. Just keep in mind that food is a no-go on Alcatraz Island, so fill up before or after your city tour.

Do I need to arrive early at Pier 33 - Alcatraz Landing?
We've got everything under control, so you don't need to stress. We'll make sure you arrive at Pier 33 a solid half-hour before your departure time to check in. Just make sure you have that government-issued photo ID in hand when you swing by the will call booth to collect your Alcatraz tickets.

Why is this tour non-refundable?
Listen up, folks! We have to spill the tea on this one. As tour operators, we gotta buy those Alcatraz tickets in advance, and unfortunately, they can't be transferred or refunded once purchased. So, make sure you're good to go before booking, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

How do I collect my Alcatraz tickets?
When you hit Pier 33, there's a special "Will Call" line just for all you prepped and prepaid ticket holders. Make sure to arrive 30 minutes before your departure time to check in. Oh, and don't forget your valid government-issued photo ID or passport.

Can I grab a bite on Alcatraz Island?
We hate to break it to you, but there are no dining options on the island. So pack your own snacks if you'd like. But no worries, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy a delicious lunch after your City Tour and before diving into the Alcatraz experience.

Full description

Get ready to experience the best of San Francisco on our City Tour with Alcatraz. Our local expert guide will share fascinating commentary in English, while foreign language audios are available for an immersive experience.

We kick off the tour with a convenient pickup from central locations in San Francisco. From there, we'll cruise along the waterfront and take in the beauty of the Marina District. Don't forget your camera, as we make a stop at the enchanting Palace of Fine Arts for some picture-perfect moments.

The highlight of the tour awaits as we venture across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, with a chance to capture its grandeur. We'll then head to Land's End, where you can stretch your legs and soak in the breathtaking views of Sutro Baths and the Pacific Ocean coastline. Golden Gate Park will also leave you in awe with its natural beauty.

Prepare to be enchanted by the city's diverse neighborhoods as we explore Haight-Ashbury, Castro, Nob Hill, and Chinatown. Marvel at the sights of Lombard Street, Coit Tower, and Washington Square in North Beach, while our guide shares their historical and cultural significance.

The adventure doesn't end there! Indulge in a delicious lunch at Fisherman's Wharf before embarking on an unforgettable journey to Alcatraz Island. Board the ferry at Pier 33 and enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, San Francisco Bay, and Angel Island.

Once on the island, grab your headphones for the Cellhouse Audio Tour, where you'll hear captivating stories from former prisoners and guards. Available in multiple languages, it's a truly immersive experience. Explore Alcatraz to your heart's content, capturing every chilling detail before catching a ferry back to Pier 33.

Please remember to bring a government-issued photo ID for the Alcatraz Ferry and ensure that children under the age of 8 have appropriate child seats for the city tour.

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Emily S.

The city bus tour and Alcatraz Island experiences were top-notch! Our morning tour guide was incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. However, there was a slight hiccup in the coordination between Extranomical and the Guided City Tour team. When we arrived in the morning, the on-site coordinator didn't have our names for the afternoon tour, and we had to make a last-minute phone call to Extranomical to get the afternoon check-in details. Despite the minor bump, everything else was fantastic.

Benjamin H.

We had an absolute blast on the full-day tour of San Francisco and Alcatraz. Our bus driver, Jack, was the friendliest person ever, and Michelle, our tour guide, knew San Francisco like the back of her hand. They took us to so many incredible sights and different areas of the city. It was truly enjoyable and unforgettable.

Olivia M.

The experience with Extranomical was worth every penny, and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting San Francisco. Our guide was not only knowledgeable but also enthusiastic, approachable, and thorough. She effortlessly handled detours and unexpected obstacles with grace. She even managed an interruption from a participant's mobile phone call like a pro. What stood out the most was her authenticity and genuine care for ensuring that her guests had a top-notch experience.